Crystal Run Healthcare has been a leader of healthcare innovation in the Hudson Valley for more than 20 years, improving the quality, cost and the delivery of healthcare for everyone. Our mission to bring patients the care they need, where they need it has led to the growth of our network of more than 400 providers at more than 20 locations in the Hudson Valley and the lower Catskill region. Through our exciting new relationship with Montefiore Health System, we will continue to enhance and improve healthcare for our community, bringing world-class specialists and entirely new programs of care right here to the Hudson Valley. On top of continuing to offer the high-quality care you’ve come to know and expect at Crystal Run facilities, we will be able to offer highly-specialized care for the most challenging and complex cases, should you or your loved ones ever need it. This relationship will fill any gaps in services in the region, ensuring you and your family no longer need to travel for hours to find the specialists you need.

What does the relationship with Montefiore mean for you?

Crystal Run’s aim has been and always will be to provide the best care to our patients, locally.

Crystal Run was predicated on the idea that when it comes to healthcare, it can always be better. And that healthcare for the Hudson Valley can be improved by simplifying the process and bringing services together under one roof.

This new relationship with Montefiore is an extension of that vision and will further enhance healthcare outcomes for the residents of the Hudson Valley by maintaining the same excellent regional care you have come to know – and that you deserve – with the critical addition of world-class specialized care, should you or a loved one ever need it.

Every patient who receives care from Crystal Run physicians will benefit from this relationship, in every community where we operate.

Through this relationship, the most progressive health system and the most progressive medical practice will be working together, which will elevate the quality of and access to health care services in our local communities, regionally, and beyond. Crystal Run will remain on the cutting edge of healthcare as we always have. With Montefiore, we’ll be sharing intellectual capital, practicing the science of medicine together, and sharing “outcomes risk.”

And patients will gain even easier access to an even more extensive range of services, highly-trained specialists, clinical trials, tertiary and quaternary services, and will allow our physicians access to the latest medical research and technologies to bring that knowledge to our local communities.

With Montefiore, we will build the health care system of tomorrow, with an eye toward new, innovative programs that emphasize health, not just healthcare.


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