The Basics:

Q: Will you still accept my insurance?

A: Yes. There will be no changes to the insurances currently accepted by Crystal Run.

Q: Will there be any changes to billing?

A: Our billing process remains the same.

Q: Will my physicians be changing?

A: Every Crystal Run patient will be able to continue to see their local doctor – you won’t need to change doctors, or travel to any new locations for appointments. For most patients, the normal experience of seeing their normal physician won’t change at all.

Follow-Up Care/Referrals Questions:

Q: What is the benefit for me as a patient being referred to a specialist at Montefiore?

A: When patients in our area face complex cases that require more specialized care, they can choose from an even more extensive range of world class facilities and physicians, available to them through our financially and clinically integrated system.

This relationship will help see Crystal Run and our patients into the future: With Montefiore, we will pioneer healthcare’s future through new technology and expertise that allow patients to access the full array of healthcare services while improving both the experience of receiving care, and healthcare outcomes – all at lower costs.

Q: Will I have a choice where I seek follow-up care?

A: Of course, you always have a choice. Your provider can help you determine the best place to seek follow-up treatment when you need a referral outside of Crystal Run or the County.

Q: If I have to be hospitalized, will I have to travel to the Bronx or will I still be able to seek care in our local hospitals?

A: You would only need to leave the area for care if the service cannot be provided locally. Together, you and your provider will determine what the best place is for your health care needs to be served.

Q: Will a Montefiore specialist have access to my medical records?

A: Yes, we are working to seamlessly integrate all electronic health records.

The Crystal Run + Montefiore Relationship:

Q: What does Crystal Run mean when it says it is part of a ‘Relationship’ with Montefiore Health System?

A: Crystal Run’s relationship with Montefiore will enhance healthcare for the Hudson Valley by maintaining the same excellent regional care you have come to know – and that you deserve – with the critical addition of world-class specialized care, should you or a loved one ever need it.

Because of this new relationship, all of our patients will continue have access to the same excellent regional care, with the addition of enhanced services for specialized medicine. Our patients will now have direct access to:

  • A financially and clinically integrated network that is a model for healthcare’s future ­ – achieving better health, better health care, and lower cost;
  • new locations and community-based programs to meet the needs of patients throughout the Hudson Valley;
  • world-class tertiary and quaternary care services;
  • highly-trained specialists, including cardiothoracic surgery, organ transplant, hepatobiliary surgery and pediatric medical and surgical specialty care;
  • cutting-edge clinical trials.

Q: Why did Crystal Run decide to partner with Montefiore?

A: Crystal Run was predicated on the idea that when it comes to healthcare, it can always be better, and that healthcare for the Hudson Valley can be improved by simplifying the process and bringing services together under one roof.Crystal Run’s relationship with Montefiore is an extension of that vision and will further enhance healthcare outcomes for the residents of the Hudson Valley by maintaining the same excellent regional care you have come to know – and that you deserve – with the critical addition of world-class specialized care, should you or a loved one ever need it.

Q: Will your name be changing?

A: No.

Q: How do you see this venture as benefiting your patients and community?

A: The most progressive health system and the most progressive medical practice, working together, will elevate the quality of and access to health care services in our local communities. Together we will build the health care system of tomorrow – and not remain mired in the healthcare system of yesterday as others who are resistant to change may advocate.

Furthermore, this relationship will give patients easier access to high-quality tertiary and quaternary care services, highly-trained specialists, clinical trials, and will allow our physicians access to the latest medical research and technologies to bring that knowledge to our local communities.

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